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                                                                           The introduction of Overseas Security Guardians
      The Overseas Security Guardians is the overseas security system association, established by China Overseas Investment Union and ZhongJun JunHong Group, for the in-depth advancing of national “one belt and one road” strategy. Safeguarding the promotion of national “one belt, one road” strategy with the powerful means, building the great wall of steel which guarding the national overseas economic development and the safety of oversea China-invested enterprises and compatriots.
      The Overseas Security Guardianss core enterprise is ZhongJun JunHong Group was directored by The Council For National Security Policy. It is the first professional, technological and collective security enterprise starting from letter Zhong, it is composed of 16 subsidiaries, 59 branch companies, 33 professional teams, 20 operating joint venture, 20 labor delivery training base.
      The group owns series of qualifications, including official security service and labor dispatch license, administrative license for Comprehensive Working Hours Arrangement System, security technology, parking management and fire-fighting, transportation, electric power, communication engineering construction Grade Certification, appointed supplier for government purchase, ISO-9001(qualification), ISO-14001(environment),OHSAS-18001(health and security). The all-dimensional integrative system offers domestic and international service for social demand and public security. Guarding the security of the 2800 Guardian units at the core of the capital, it once had outstanding performance at the Asian Games, the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, National NPC and CPPCC, summit meeting of APEC, 50th, and 60th anniversary National Day and the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. Be awarded the honor of the excellent security company, which demonstrate the social responsibility of serving the public security and public demand. As the leading company in the national security industry, it has been recorded into the Yearbook of the People’s Republic of China.
       The Overseas Security Guardians has collected hundreds of security enterprises all over the country, established tens of overseas security companies and bases in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Kyrgyzstan, Hong Kong etc, and Granted the right to use the attack helicopter, light armored vehicle, 100 mm caliber gun, various light arms and protective and observation equipment. It established five overseas security systems (the system of rigorous security organization, high-end expert and think tank, multi-function trading bases , strong security force and powerful security guarantee) It provides ten major overseas security service(the service of high-end security control, personalized overseas security risk assessment, high-tech security technology protection, systematic overseas security training and vocational qualification certificate, standard overseas security enterprise qualification evaluation, normalized door-keeping, patrolling and guarding, omnidirectional object control, fire protection, dog prevention, and network control, waiting on one’s guard and escorting in full time and space, well-armed sea escorting and quick response to emergency and conflict treatment. Three Certification training was organized, including Overseas Security Qualification Certificate for provider; Overseas Security Officer Occupational Qualification Certificate; Overseas Security Guards Occupational Skill Certificate. Strategic cooperative company and services field around the world in dozens of countries and regions.
      The senior managers of member enterprises of China Overseas Security Association are generals and field officers retired from army forces and armed police, the Sea Guard managerial staff and key employees are all soldiers retired from the army, navy and air force, armed police and special operation force, all of them bear the soldiers’ tenacity and courage, excellent military quality, superb tactic skill and rich experience in actual combat. The soldiers’ firmness and tenderness and the social responsibility of guarding national overseas interests and compatriots’ security assemble the inexhaustible driving force. It is aiming at creating an internationalized security system leading overseas with the standard procedure, scientific management, oriented training, the professional team, the perfect guarantee base and the supporting weapons equipment, creating the personalized service and solution and providing the high-quality and high-efficiency overseas security service.
      No matter how tough task is, we are always stand with you; No matter how the hardships and dangers way we have to go, we are always your tough shoulders.

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